Software that permanently wipes selected files from your computer using the best data termination algorithms. Erased confidential information is unrecoverable.

What is the IS Protector?

Secure File Termination. Protect your sensitive data and erase pre-selected files and folders permanently when you click the button
File Encryption (EFS). Protects your confidential data even if someone removed your hard drive or loaded another operating system.
Privacy Protection if PC lost or stolen. Protect your confidential data when you lost control over your PC. Deletes pre-selected files if you can't access your PC remotelly or locally.
Ability to remotely protect (terminate) data on multiple computers. Protect your business data and control data erasing process on any computer in your office remotelly.
Wipe unused space on a hard drive IS Protector wipes the empty space that can have traces of previously erased data making it unrecoverable.
Erase disks to prevent unwanted data recovery. Erase all data from the hard drive before bringing the hard drive to repair shop or giving it to someone.
Erase locked system disks In our days many people have just one partition and that partition has Operating System on it and User data. You can't erase everything from it under the Operating system installed on that hard drive because it is being locked by that OS. IS Protector will provide you the tool that can help you to Erase that locked System Disk
Permanently erase files and folders with one of 14 different Military grade termination algorithms You can securely erase data using one of the Data Termination algorithm used by Department of Defense of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany or Russia:
  • US Department of Defense DoD 5220.22-M
  • US Department of Defense DoD 5220.22-M(ECE)
  • Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS-II
  • British HMG IS5
  • British HMG IS5 Enhanced
  • US Army AR380-19
  • US Air Force 5020
  • German VSITR
  • Russian GOST P50739-95
  • Bruce Schneier
  • NAVSO P-5239-26 (MFM)
  • NAVSO P-5239-26 (RLL)
  • NCSC-TG-025
  • Peter Gutmann
Password protected Only you can make changes to the IS Protector settings.


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